Monday, August 15, 2011

* trevon's birthday celebration *

ordered by vie hung from sabah for her son birthday celebration...
his birthday theme was blue little lion :)

big lion , small prince :)

party animals !

babies !

thank you vie !!!

* all designs provided by madam vie *

more pictures : mikylayna

Thursday, August 4, 2011

* happy 5th *


lama sungguh senyap... just got back from honeymoon plus shopping trip at bangkok...
will upload the pics soon...
actually it was my hubby trip, nak cari baju, da alang alang apa salahnya ikut kan... anak da 2 baru nak honeymoon... :)

my lama tersimpan work... my 2nd card for yatie's 5th anniversary...

can u see the date? it was 22.7.2011... da simpan lama baru nak tunjuk...

more pictures, lihat di sini - mikylayna